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Maintaining optimum dental health is primarily centred around three things – the right dental hygiene, the right nourishment and the right dental care. If you can manage to get just these three things right, you will likely enjoy trouble-free teeth for life. General dentistry plays an important role in maintaining good long term dental wellbeing, and Mentone Smiles is a trusted dental care provider in Melbourne.

General dentistry forms a strong aspect of preventative dentistry.

General dentistry is a broad collective term used for a host of regular dental care procedures, including comprehensive check-ups, dental cleaning, tooth extractions, tooth fillings, root canal treatment, emergency care and more.

As you will see, most of these procedures and treatments not only help to preserve your teeth and gums, but will also help to spot any possible issues well before they flare up into something more serious. So it can also be said that general dentistry has a strong focus on proactive prevention of dental problems.

At Mentone Smiles, we have a strong focus on preventative dentistry, and urge our patients to come for comprehensive dental check-ups and cleaning every six months. We believe that this can really help avert dental health disasters and minimize the chances of future intervention.

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    What treatments are included as part of general dentistry in Melbourne?

    1.Dental Cleaning

    Practicing good oral hygiene primarily revolves around keeping your mouth clean with daily brushing and flossing. If done correctly, just these two things can help prevent a host of dental issues. But often, this may not be enough to remove plaque and calculus build-up on teeth. We recommend that you get a professional dental cleaning for a ‘deep clean’ of your teeth, and also to spot for any cavities or other dental problems beforehand.

    2.Tooth Fillings

    Cavities are a common dental problem among both children and adults alike. They could be caused due to decay, wear and tear or even cracks and chipping. Tooth fillings can stop the spread of the cavity, and restore the form and functionality of the damaged tooth. At Mentone Smiles, we use quality tooth coloured fillings as well as same day CEREC fillings, so that the fillings do not mar the look of your smile. We urge you to come see us immediately in case you experience pain or sensitivity, as that is usually the sign of a cavity.

    3.Tooth Extractions

    A tooth extraction is usually the last resort for us, and we would only recommend one if the tooth cannot be saved due to infection or severe damage. But there are times when it makes sense to do it to protect other surrounding teeth and gums. This is often the reason why most people need to extract their wisdom teeth, as there would be less space for them to erupt normally, increasing the chances of infecting the teeth around.

    4.Root Canals

    A root canal is advised when there is deep infection in the tooth canal which practically renders the tooth unfit for its functional tasks, and there is also the risk of infecting surrounding teeth. Simply put, it is a treatment that is aimed at repairing and saving an infected tooth. In this procedure, the infected pulp of the tooth is removed, and sealed off from the rest of the body, to contain the spread of infection. The tooth is then fitted with a crown to restore its form and looks.

    5.Emergency Dental Care

    We understand that accidents can happen at any time and that is the reason we have made provisions to offer emergency dental care, along with all the other general dentistry services at our Melbourne clinic. The focus of our emergency care is to provide quick pain relief and do everything possible to save the original tooth in the event of a fractured or broken tooth. Our dentists also advise on the immediate steps to be taken to relieve pain till the time you reach the clinic.

    Mentone Smiles has a strong commitment to put patient welfare over unnecessary dental intervention. This is also reflected in our Preventative Dental Program, which focuses on helping our patients maintain long-term dental health. If you are looking for an ethical general dentistry practitioner in Melbourne, call us to book your appointment and experience the Mentone difference.

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