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Light up the room with your smile!

At Mentone Smiles, we believe that every person is born with a beautiful smile, and we are committed to preserve the beauty of your smile. Our affordable dental service caters to the young and old alike, and we are a complete family dentist close to Balcombe Road.

Our Preventative Dental Program is designed for healthier oral health

We approach dentistry with a difference, and have a strong focus on gentle, preventative dentistry. We have seen so many people put off necessary dental treatments due to an irrationally strong fear about the pain involved in dental treatments. And this fear doesn’t really serve them, as it doesn’t allow them to spot dental issues early on, and then it becomes too late.

Our Preventative Dental Program encourages patients to adopt healthier food and lifestyle habits along with regular dental check-ups, so that their teeth and gums stay in top shape, and the risk of avoidable complications goes down drastically. Everyone who has participated in this program has reported a noticeable difference in their dental wellbeing, and this is something we are extremely proud of. Recent research shows a direct link between dental health and overall health, so our focus on prevention is also a step towards staying healthy at an overall level. Our dentists see a lot of patients from Balcombe Road as well, who have vouched for this program, and have encouraged family and friends to sign up for it as well.

Focus on patient comfort

In line with our endeavour to make quality dentistry more accessible to all, all our doctors and staff members take extra care to ensure that our patients are comfortable during and after the treatment. And being a family owned practice helps us bring this out even better, as we are able to offer customized care to all those who need it, at rates which are surprisingly affordable as compared to other dentists near Balcombe Road.

There are times when intervention is required to maintain optimal oral health, and here is where we take efforts to empower our patients with the honest knowledge that they need, so that they can make the right choices for their dental health. This translates into our team explaining the available treatment options along with their pros and cons before commencing with any treatment.

We provide general, cosmetic and emergency dental services

One of the reasons our patients choose us is that we are one of the few dentists close to Balcombe Road that offer a wide array of dental services under one roof, and most of our treatments are done in-clinic.

If you are looking out for quality dental care which is affordable and friendly, you can come in for a consultation with our dentists near Balcombe Road, after scheduling an appointment. All we can say is that you are likely to leave with a bigger smile than when you came in.