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Your reliable family dentist near Bayside

We are Mentone Smiles, a family-owned, and family-centric dental clinic based in Parkdale. We are known to be a reliable and affordable dentist, and even have Bayside patients visit us for this reason. While we offer a range of general, orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry treatments, what really sets us apart from most other nearby dentists is our strong focus on Preventative Dentistry. It is said that prevention is better than cure, and that holds true even when it comes to dental health.

Our Preventative Dental Program for long term dental health

Following good dental hygiene and taking good care can play an important part in overall dental health. This is the reason why we have designed a unique Preventative Dental Program to help our patients enjoy pain-free dental wellbeing over a longer period. Through this program, we encourage participants to adopt better habits and make healthier choices to safeguard their teeth, so that common issues like tooth decay, wear and tear of the enamel and gum disease can be avoided. If followed well, this can greatly minimize the possibility of future intervention. This program has been a huge success for us, with many participants sharing that it has made a real difference to their lives.

A range of quality dental services at affordable fees

Despite our affordability, we never veer away from offering the highest quality of service possible.  Our team always strives to maximize patient comfort and satisfaction, and always keeps up to date with new research in the dental field. It is also for this purpose that we have invested in the latest dental technology in our clinic near Bayside.

Apart from general care like teeth clean-ups, wisdom teeth extraction, tooth coloured fillings, enamel treatments, root canals and dental crowns in-clinic near Bayside, we also offer advanced orthodontic treatments like Invisalign and ClearCorrect near Bayside. Patients also visit our clinic for tooth whitening treatment and leave us feeling more confident about their smile.

Your search for an emergency dentist close to Bayside ends here

Dental emergencies can strike anytime in the form of a severe tooth ache, an injury, a loss of filling or even an accident that can fracture your tooth! At such times, the best thing to do would be to visit a reliable emergency dentist near Bayside area, who can immediately do what is needed to relieve you of the pain. Timely emergency dental treatments can also help saving your tooth in more serious cases. What is more, you can also save on unwanted downtime.

Dental care with a gentle approach

We understand that a lot of patients have deep-seated fears about visiting dentists and avoid visiting them even when absolutely needed. This is true for both adults and children alike. Our many years of experience have taught us how to allay these fears, and put our patients at ease. We also ensure that we keep our patients well-informed about what is entailed in each treatment, and related risks if any, prior to them agreeing to go ahead. This approach also instils more trust and has a positive impact on the results as well.

Our gentle approach, combined with a great in-clinic experience has earned us the reputation of being one of the best dentists close to Bayside. If you are looking for an affordable dentist for treatments like root canal, dental crowns, tooth whitening or even Invisalign and ClearCorrect, just call us on (03) 9538 4888 to schedule an appointment at our clinic near Bayside.

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